Lymph nodes involved with the ear.

1-A 20-year-old cocaine abuser with a recurring upper respiratory infection is examined and is noted to have white patches in the oral cavity along with parotid enlargement.
a. What history is pertinent to the examination of this patient?
What is the significance of the oral white patches?
2-Mrs. Kline, a postoperative patient who has just undergone a right modified mastectomy, is found to have edema of the right arm.
a-What is the cause of the edema and what teaching is necessary to help Mrs. Kiner?

3-Mr. Jackson is a 76-year-old nursing home patient who has persistent wound infections and upper respiratory infections.

What is the cause of Mr. Jackson?s recurring infections?

Topographic landmarks of the chest

4-If an enlarged lymph node is found, what does it mean to examine ?PALS??
5-Which set of lymph nodes is a common site of metastatic disease and why?
6-Describe the correct way to examine the lymphatic system.
7-Define lymphedema.
8-Name at least three conditions simulating lymph node enlargement.

1- Explain the correct way to auscultate a patient?s lung fields.

2-what findings would you expect when assessing older adults with the following conditions:
a. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
b. Emphysema
c. Bronchiectasis
d. Chronic bronchitis

3-Identifying the three types of breath sounds and where they are located.

4-A pregnant woman at 32 gestational weeks tells you that she has been experiencing dyspnea that interferes with her sleep
a-What can you suggest to assist this patient?
5-Name the primary muscles of respiration.
6-Define paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea.
7-Describe crepitus and its significance
8-Differentiate between a pneumothorax and a hemothorax.
9-List risk factors associated with respiratory disability.
10-List the associated symptoms for a patient with an empyema.
Questions must be answered in APA format.


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