I will pay for the following article Leadership, Teambuilding and Communication. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In this theory, shows that some people have better leadership traits than others. He concludes that there are those people who are born to lead while others were born to be led. Behavioral approach is one other form of traditional leadership style, in this leadership theory, there are three leadership styles that are distinct from each other. Their styles include. authoritarian leadership whereby, the leader maintains strong control over the group at work. In this form of leadership, motivation is by coercion, and there is no free communication between the leader and the staff. Communication comes from the leader only, and the workers are there to follow. In this kind of leadership, there is high productivity but with low self-motivation and autonomy by the workers.

Democratic approach is another form of leadership style that is friendlier to the subordinate staff. In the case here, there is free communication from both the staff and the leadership. Decision-making involves everybody in the organization, and the staff seen as a whole and not as a leader. Therefore, it gives room for constructive criticism and autonomy among the employees in the organization. Lastly, there is laissez-faire leadership style, where there is little or no control from the leader (Murphy, 2005).

The kind of leadership is so much of the essence in situations with poorly defined problems that need brainstorming to come over the problems. There are a number of leadership theories that include, transformational, cite suggested that leaders have the abilities to groom their followers into better leaders in the future. The grooming is achieved successfully by letting followers have the freedom to control their behaviors.&nbsp.


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