?The Storm that Swept Mexico? ? first 15 min

1. What are the ?two Mexico?s??

2. Porfirio Diaz

3. What do the cientificos think is Mexico?s biggest problem?

4. Who did Mexico look toward for artistic influence during the Porfiriato

5. What are haciendas, and what control did they have in the economy

6. Describe the working conditions of the Mexican rural poor

7. How did the working conditions of many Mexicans reflect what we have discussed about the Black codes, American slavery, and immigrants working in the U.S

8. Taft?s Dollar Diplomacy in Latin America

9. Importance of the strike in Cananea, Mexico

?Black in Latin America: Brazil?

10. Tell me about the numbers of Africans that were brought to Brazil and tell me how that contributes to Brazil?s racial/ethnic complexity

11. Tell me about Capoeira and its cultural significance

12. Tell me about Candombl? and its cultural significance

13. Tell me about Brazil?s attitudes towards Blackness- why are they so complicated?

14. Tell me about Xica da Silva and what her example tells us about the complexities of race relations in Brazil (and Latin America)

15. Tell me about Branqueamento and what it tells us about race and power

16. Manuel Carino

17. Gilberto Freyre

18. Complications about race and class in Brazil today

19. Issues with affirmative action in Brazil?s universities, and the opposing opinions

20. What did you learn about the genetic makeup of the people Gates spoke to during the film? How does that relate to what we discussed about phenotype vs. race?


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