Ivey School of Business: Doctoral Tracking Database
Include the following information in this Part 1 submission.
For each student, you must track the student’s name, home telephone number, home address. You must also track enrollment status and the date that enrollment status
For each faculty member, you must track the faculty member’s name, office telephone number and office number.
The relationship between faculty and students is:
each student must have one and only one academic advisor.
each faculty member may have one or more student advisees.
any information such as keys, needed to track this relationship must also be modeled.
Names of the student’s academic advisor, thesis advisor, the members of the thesis examining committee, and the thesis title all had to be recorded.
You will have to adjust this model later, based on the additional information in the case, but for now, remember to only include the above information. Save a copy of
this first model as a reference for an assignment in Module 3a.
Refer to the sample reports fragments below to help you understand some of the requirements for part 1. If the model you are creating were implemented, it should allow
for the generation of those reports.
Develop Entity-Relationship modeling skills and use correct formatting; model everything in the description in at least third normal form.
Model data from a set of requirements (using a standard set of techniques).
For the modeling assignment, use the Visio Database Model Diagram with Crow’s Foot notation (because, among other reasons, it is much easier to draw). Within the
diagram you must specify all entities, attributes (specifying unique identifiers and optionality), and relationships (including cardinality and optionality). Be sure
to resolve all many-to-many relationships. The model should be presented no less than third normal form.
Represent information appropriately
Create a well-designed, normalized ER model following all formatting standards
Communicate information appropriately and effectively
Student Current enrollment status Years enrolled Academic advisor
Alcott, Louisa Mae full-time 5 Graham, Martha
Asimov, Isaac part-time 3 Baryshinokov, Mikhail
Bronte, Emily withdrawn 1 Robbins, Jerome
cummings, e e full-time 7 Mitchell, Arthur
Eliot, Thomas Sterns on leave 5 Jooss, Kir
Shelly, Mary Wollstonecraft on leave
Mitchell, Arthur
Singer, Isaac Bashevis full-time 4 Nureyev, Rudolf
Vonnegut, Kurt part-time 2 Astaire, Fred
Walker, Alice full-time 4 Astaire, Fred
Enrollment Status
Alcott, Louisa Mae
Alcott, Louisa Mae
On leave
Alcott, Louisa Mae
Asimov, Isaac
Asimov, Isaac
Thesis Committee Report
Student Thesis title Thesis advisor Thesis committee members
Alcott, Louisa Mae Little Women Holm, Hayna Astaire, Fred
Baryshinokov, Mikhail
Graham, Martha
Kelly, Gene
Asimov, Isaac I, Robot Jooss, Kir de Mille, Agnes
Graham, Martha
Nureyev, Rudolf
Robbins, Jerome
Eliot, Thomas Stern Is 5 Alonso, Alicia Dunham, Katherine
Fonteyn, Dame Margot
Nureyev, Rudolf
Vestris, Gaetano
Shelly, Mary Wollstonecraft Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus Mitchell, Arthur Astaire, Fred
Baryshinokov, Mikhail
Pavlova, Anna Matveyevna
Robinson, Bill (Bojangles)


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