Answer in 2 paragraph for each question:

describe the various network technologies and architectures, e.g. LAN, TCP/IP, Wireless, ethernet. What is WAN, MAN, LAN, PAN and the DSL architectures?

describe in details MAC, IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses.

describe these technologies DSL and IDSL.

discuss these items in detail Telecomputing and Voice over IP (VoIP).

How do you think the concept of capital budgeting changes when you think about the switch to cloud storage?

How do you, or would you, apply depreciation rates to a capital budget? Or does this fall into the operating budget?

What level of IT management is considering these types of methodologies when it comes to NPV? Is it the IT manager or is it Finance?

Would you expect to see a larger IT budget at a company that focuses on IT or does the IT budget really only depend on the IT infrastructure and not the focus of the company and their business model?


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