It is quite in fashion these days to study in one country and get a degree from another one! In fact, students who are not able to leave their country for one or the other reason find this option quite a feasible one. You can get the same international environment in your own country campus without even moving abroad! Even if you ignore the similar course fees for both the UK university and local campus, you still can save a lot on travel and living expenses in a foreign country.

It is quite recommendable thus for a budding college or institution to have tie ups with UK universities for a particular or string of courses. These joint study programmes with UK universities help a lot in the promotion of your own local college and make it more appealing to the local student body!

For instance- In comparison with high tech engineering institutes in India like IIT, a lesser known college of engineering can benefit a lot by providing engineering degree from a known UK university. This will increase your share of student population by significant degrees.

How can you approach UK universities?

Well you can prepare a proposal keeping the interest of both the parties in mind and contact them yourself. Or you can take the easy way of hiring education consultants like Future Defined in India. These education consultancies who present your case in front of the UK universities and negotiate the best deal offer for you.

Also, it would help you in brand building and make you a known name in no time at all! Some examples are Arch Academy of design in partnership with Don Caster College in UK, Pearl Academy of Fashion in partnership with Nottingham Trent University etc.

Thus, joint study programmes with UK universities is a lucrative opportunity. Make good use of it and enjoy the same experience as that you get when you study in UK!



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