3)- Is Dale Pendell, in The Great Bay: Chronicles of the Collapse, risking his novel being dismissed as fantasy when he constructs a more positive future than negative? Many of our end of the world texts have been negative. Is Pendell merely naive when he has humanity work together for a cohesive society?


4)- Why does Dale Pendell, in his The Great Bay: Chronicles of the Collapse, choose to kill off humanity only to have them spring up again? What is Pendell saying about the resourcefulness or resilience of humanity? Or is Pendell making a statement about the reality of life on the planet?

Choose one of topic listed above.

4 pages
– intro paragraph(must be well written
– 3 bodies – each must contain 3 quotes
– conclusion

Please get familiar with Great Bay because I am relying on this.
Thank You

Caution: Please don’t plagiarize because my teacher can guess and check easily.


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