Discussion (write about 300 word each)


Is Amazon a monopoly?  What’s the advantages of a monopoly?  What are some negative effects from monopoly on the economy?

Do you ever shop with Amazon?  If so, why or why not?  What are some competitive advantages Amazon has over other traditional companies such as Walmart and Target?

Remember “Borders” and “Circuit City”?  Which other companies do you think that are also at risk due to competition from Amazon?




Would you be willing to buy this GREAT apartment at $250,000?  Do you think there are people who are willing to buy this apartment at this price?  What are some of the market forces involved in this situation?  What are the demand and supply factors in play here?  Use what you learned about the demand and supply shifter to answer this question.

Below is more recent transaction from San Francisco.  It’s almost double the price compare to the London apartment.



3- What conditions that makes the chicken industry oligopoly?  Do you think this is a smart decision by Costco to raise its own chicken?  What type of challenges and risks do you think company will face?

Have you or do you know anyone who works in Costco?  Do you like the Costco chicken?  Do you like Costco in general?  What kind of market structure do you think Costco is operating under?  What advantages does Costco offer to its customers?


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