1. Interview a Business Leader that you perceive to be applying ethical business practices.

2. Schedule a 30-minute interview to have ample time to highlight some of the questions below. Note: you are not limited to those questions, you can ask more to gather further insight. When conducting the interview, ensure that you are courteous and the Leader is comfortable to speak on the subjects in question. Use good judgment to setup and conduct the interview to gather your data.

3. Following the interview, write an 5 to 7 page paper. Follow the APA 6th edition formatting style to annotate the experience. Here are some questions you might ask the leader.
What is your leadership background? How many people do you lead directly and indirectly?
Do you have ethics present in your mind while interacting with others in the workplace?
Do you practice business ethics when training subordinates?
What impact do ethics have in your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly decision-making?
Do you promote ethical behavior to subordinates, peers, and superiors?
How much time do you spend dealing with ethical issues in your position?
Does ethical/unethical behavior affect customer relations? If so, in what way? If not, please explain.
Do you select teams based on their personal ethical code? What ingredients do you believe make a successful team in regards to performing in an exemplary ethical manner?
What successful ethical ideas can you share to guide prospective or current leaders in developing solid and sound decisions with the goal of overall success within the organization?
How much attention does your guidance project when it comes to social responsibility?
Is having a sound ethical code of ethics important in competitive environments? How do you present and verify if the code of ethics is being followed in your organization?
If you were to summarize in one sentence on what ethics is, what would it be?
Assignment structure

Students are required to submit and present an 5 to 7 page paper. Note that 5 to 7pages means:
5 to 7 pages of double-spaced written material with 1-inch margins (left, right, top, and bottom) and a 12-point Courier New font.
The cover sheet, pictures, long quotations or multiple quotations will not count toward the 5 to 7pages.
All individual assignment submissions will be prepared in APA 6th edition format, in which it is the student?s responsibility to become familiar with APA rules.
The cover sheet will follow the APA style and also contain the following.
Your name
Title of Paper
Course Title
Course number
Semester and Year
Instructor?s name
Date of submission

There is a requirement for more than three (3) references for this Individual Assignment, if an idea is retrieved from an external source, then such source has to be cited in the paper using the APA style. An important note: do not use any sort of Wikipedia references, this website is not an scholarly source and you will not get credit for using it. Use the University?s library or any other academic sources.


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