Influences on Behavior and Psychological Disorders Presentation Outline
Create an OUTLINE in a Word document for your Week 5 assignment: “The Influences on Behavior and Psychological Disorders Presentation.” For your Week 3 assignment, you will create and submit your outline in a Word document. The outline due this week is designed to give you a head start in creating your Week 5 project.
Consider your audience for your Week 5 presentation to be a group of interested and concerned citizens in your community between the ages of 16 and 70 years of age. Your audience members are varied in their socio-economic backgrounds, educational experiences, and vocations. Your plan is to deliver this presentation at a branch of your local library during an evening community gathering.
Include SOME content in your outline. In other words, don’t simply write “Introduction goes here” or “Body goes here.” That doesn’t really help you. The goal is for you to do a little research ahead of time to prepare and organize your ideas. The more content and organization you provide in your outline, the more prepared you will be to complete your Week 5 assignment.
The outline you create this week (Week 3) in a Word document should be based on the following instructions for the Week 5 PowerPoint. But again, only the outline in a Word document is due this week. Then, in Week 5, you’ll use this outline to create a PowerPoint presentation in Week 5.
Create a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft�� PowerPoint�� presentation on ONE of the following psychological disorders:
Bipolar disorder (both Bipolar I and Bipolar II)
Anorexia nervosa
Antisocial personality disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Borderline personality disorder
Include the following:
Describe the general behaviors/symptoms associated with the disorder.
Describe briefly the DSM criteria for the disorder.
Describe problems encountered by people who suffer from this disorder.
If you or someone you know has experienced this disorder, please feel free to share that experience. This is optional.
Explain the causes of the disorder (biological, social, environmental, etc.).
In detail, describe various treatments for the disorder. (Do not simply write “CBT” or “medication.” Rather, explain the principles that underlie the treatments). Again, if you or someone you know has experienced this disorder, please feel free to describe the effect of various treatment. This is also optional.
Describe and evaluate the effectiveness of at least two therapies used to treat this disorder.
Include 3 to 7 bullet points per slide, and do not cram your slides full of text; rather, use the “Notes” section below each slide to include more detailed information. I encourage you to include images, TABLES, charts, and figures in your slides if you wish.
Include at least 4 scholarly references using properly formatted APA citations and reference page entries.
Include detailed speaker notes on each slide (a short paragraph per slide [about 100 words] is required).
Format your reference page slides consistent with APA guidelin


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