You are nearly complete with your project at this point, having already completed the body of the report through the two segments already submitted and graded. For
this portion, you will tie the entire project together with an appropriate introduction and conclusion. The submitted project should:
1. Be constructed in accordance with the criteria set forth in the Course Project instructions and Grading Rubric within the course syllabus.
2. Include an introduction should have clear and original topic sentences and thesis statements that encompass the entire project.
3. Include a conclusion that presents an analysis of the anticipated challenges of implementing the proposed HUMINT solution described in the paper, and offer
suggestions as to how those challenges might be mitigated.
4. Incorporate endnotes or footnotes, and reference at least five peer-reviewed references, using the Turabian style.
5. Incorporate the use of at least one MS Office programs (i.e. an Excel chart, TABLE, or matrix; PowerPoint diagram; etc.) in addition to the word processing program.
(1) Your essay paper should be no more than 15 pages including all parts. The paper must include a title page, introduction, main body, conclusion, and references.
(2) The paper should present issues, concepts, and theories; synthesize ideas, and analyze appropriate original conclusions. Incorporate previous instructor and valid
peer feedback from the other project components into this final project paper.


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