In the Moral Minefield game, you will play through a leadership simulation that asks you to make emotionally intelligent choices for guiding your corporation through a series of ethical dilemmas. (I already played through and the screen shots were copied onto the word document attached)

This week, you will play through level 2. You will need to copy and paste your scores for the level (or screenshot the Level Overview) into the Moral Minefield Level 2 Reflection Paper (attached)Preview the document. You will also need to reflect on your choices and learning, and connect what you learn in the simulation with what you learn in the text.

You can apply either the Kantian theory or social contract theory: business obligations, corporate wrongdoing and just distribution. Google something

Answer the following questions attached (Moral Minefield Assignment Guideline)

Moral Minefield

Assignment Guidelines


For the following questions, be sure to connect to the reading material in your book. This is a writing assignment, so answers should be written in complete and coherent sentences and paragraphs. Answers in the A range will refer to the text and fully explain how the concepts learned in the text apply to the question.


You may type your answers directly into this document after the prompts, save it, and then upload it into the submission box.


Play through the Moral Minefield level for this week and answer the following questions:



  1. Copy and paste (or screenshot) your Level overview and scores. You can find this information again in your Overview & Profile.







  1. Reflect on the scenarios presented in the game. Was there anything you found particularly difficult? Anything that surprised you?








  1. Explain one of the decision-making scenarios you were given in this level and analyze it in terms of one of this week’s theories.

(Note: for full credit, be sure you name the theory you are using, explain the theory fully, and then explain how the scenario illustrates that theory)









  1. How could you use the concepts discussed in this simulation in your job today? Relate these concepts to the other course materials and to your own experiences.

(Note: for full credit, be sure discuss a specific scenario, a specific example from your own experiences, and a specific connection to something you learned from the text)


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