America’s Innovations

Since its official creation in the seventeenth century, America has emerged as one of the most successful and innovative nations in the world. One catalyst behind this evolution as a world power is the country’s successful implementation of technology. One accomplishment that America has advanced by developing technology is its vast military accomplishments. Interestingly, the United States spends over thirty percent of all military spending in the world (Bremmer, 2015).

This is very similar to the success of the ancient Roman Empire, which is today renowned for its military prowess. In the modern world, the United States has implemented numerous technological advancements on the military front, sealing its position as a world power.Additionally, technology itself is a major accomplishment in this country. The United States owns eight out of nine of the major technological companies in the world (Bremmer, 2015).

Consequently, the nation is the largest producer of oil, natural gas, etc (Bremmer, 2015). This success was particularly influenced by America’s unique hydraulic fracturing technology. The existence of this monopoly allows the country to enjoy its position at the top of the world empire, forcing other nations to rely on it for resources and respect its prowess.

Finally, America’s accomplishments as a world power are driven by its economic techonlogy. Items created in the United States remain popular worldwide, with these consumer choices creating a system in which over eighty percent of all money spent in the world is in American dollars (Bremmer, 2015).

Therefore, with the combined monopolies of money, oil, and a successful military, technology has cemented America’s status as a world power. It is the same situation faced by the ancient Romans. Technology has made this country a world empire. Whether it follows the unfortunate crumbling of the latter is something only time will reveal.

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Bremmer, I. (2015). 5 Reasons Why the US Remains the World’s Only Superpower. Retrieved April 12, 2016, from http://time.com/3899972/us-superpower-status-military/


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