Essay Writing Guide (2019 T3)

BUS301 Project topic

Essay Question:

Critically assess the role and importance of labour mobility in meeting the requirements of the Twenty-first Century labour market.


1800 to 2200 words excluding cover pages, references, graphs and tables


A. General Introduction (about 150 words)

— describe what the essay all about and some flow of thoughts here.

B. Some definitions and concepts on or related to Labour Mobility (LM) (300 words)

C. Discussion on 21st Century Labour Market: Globalization, free movement of capital/investment, finance, labour, MNCs and skill sets needed (500 words)

— do some research on textbook and other resources to find out some ideas on globalization, cross-border industries and skill sets needed

— sub-section like C.1, C.2 and so on may be needed for each point or idea

D. Discussion on roles and importance of labour mobility to meet such requirements stated in C. (emphasis should be given on economic benefits)

(500 words)

— do some research on textbook and other resources to find out some key arguments here.

— sub-section like D.1, D.2 and so on may be needed for each point or idea

E. Country Case Study (300 words)

— select a country with real practice of labour mobility (LM)

— briefly describe how the LM is being practised

— relate some issues faced favorable or unfavorable to such implementation (this may amplify some points discussed in section C & D above)

— student’s brief comments

— sub-section like E.1, D.2 and so on may be needed for each point or idea

F. Conclusion (150 words)

— sum up on discussion above and personal comment on importance of LM

Students are advised to use their own headings for each section and free to present any other format as the students see appropriate.

Most of points here can be easily obtained from the textbook and online resources. Make some effort on that.


Some pointers here:

· Abilities to move around within and across different economies

· Types: geographical and occupational, Horizontal labour mobility and Vertical labour mobility (others as well)

· Increase SS of labour

· Economic growth

· Decrease wages

· Minimum wage

· Zero hour contracts

· Increase unemployment

· Increase productivity

· Immigration and local reaction

· Supply chain

· Skill sets needed by some industries but not available by local workers

· Regulations and employment policies

· Workers improve their personal opportunities and incomes

· Technology transfer and competitive advantage

Individual Essay Paper Mark Sheet

Criteria Allotted




1 Executive Summary, Introduction, Overview and Conclusion 10.0
2 Application 0f Concepts, Theories and Basic Principles 30.0
3 Critical Thinking, Reasoning & Analysis, Structural and Systematic Approach 30.0
4 Data, Information Gathering, Tables, Graphs and /or Statistics 20.0
5 Overall Format, Presentation, Referencing and Appendices 10.0
Total 100.0

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