Write a paragraph or two analyzing how well Emily Nussbaum in ���The Aristocrats: The Graphic Arts of Game of Thrones��� presents and supports her judgment of Game of Thrones. Use the first set of Analyze and Write questions as you consider what to write. Be specific and adequately support and develop your answer.
Analysis and Write
1. Skim the essay to find the thesis statement in which Nussbaum asserts her overall judgment, and highlight the evaluative language she uses.
2. what genre or combination of genres does Nussbaum use to categorize Game of Thrones? Consider whether Nussbaum’s evaluate language is typical of the criteria usually used when evaluating the genre( or genres) she identifies
3. Now reread paragraph 4,5, or 6 and analyze Nussbaum’s use of examples to support her judgement. how does she present an example or examples and use evaluative language?


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