Getting a tutor for any subject is not the same as calling up a neighbor who can  do  the favor to watch over your kids. Why? It is simply because tutoring is not mere babysitting. It should be thought of as an extension from school to home. With this frame of mind, you will be guided to choose a tutor for your kids. Among the major subjects that needs careful studying is  Math . Many kids experience difficulties with this subject so here are a few tips in choosing a reliable Math tutor.

Assess your child. Sometimes, the problem isn’t really about poor level of comprehension. It could be inattentiveness or poor participation. Your child may simply shrug the subject because they don’t like it as much as English, Art, or any other subject. You might just find out that your child doesn’t really need a tutor so it is important to check if your child needs help. If he/she  does , find out if your child needs someone to help him/her appreciate the subject. Finally, assess how long your child will need this help. You can  do  this by asking the teacher, if the teacher hasn’t called you up yet. Assessment can also be  done  by keeping track or reviewing test papers and performance ratings.

Ask the  Math  teacher. Your child’s  Math  teacher is the best one to answer the question of who could help with your child’s situation. He or she has assessed your child more than once in the classroom so you will know how to approach the remedial. You could even hire the  Math  teacher, if the teacher has time to spare. If not, the teacher may refer a reliable faculty member.

Ask your neighbor. You can ask your neighbor if they have a professional at home who is capable of teaching the subject. Or you can ask them if they know anyone who does. Sometimes, we may be living next door to a genius and don’t know it. You are lucky if that is the case because it will save you a lot of time. On the other hand, if they refer you to someone else they know, it may take time to call them up and hire them.

Go online. If you are after quality teaching and  money  is not a problem, then you can easily browse online for reliable sources. Yes, it  does  cost a little more than hiring someone you know. But remember, you are paying for guaranteed learning. You can choose wisely by looking at reviews about them. The advantage online is that they have tutors for specific  Math  levels or subjects and you can always complain if you feel that you aren’t satisfied.

Find help in college. There are college students who ace in  Math . Hiring them could be  doing  yourself and the student a favor. You can help them pay their tuition fees while you also get to save a lot on tutor fees. Although you have to know the risks because hiring a student isn’t as guaranteed as hiring a professional. Try getting someone who is younger, a student whom your child will be more comfortable with.



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