Sex is an awesome experience. But there is  good  sex and bad sex. And then there is amazing sex! Most couples want to know how to have the  best  sex possible. You can accomplish amazing intimacy with some proven tips that work excellent.

Here are some surefire tips that will reveal how to have the  best  sex  ever !

1. Lasting long enough for guys. If you are a guy you need to learn how to last long. If you are a woman you need to encourage your guy to learn to last long. Premature ejaculation is synonymous with BAD sex. If you can’t last you can’t achieve  good  sex, let alone amazing sex. Learning how to have the  best  sex  ever  starts with the guy learning how to hold in his ejaculation as long as possible so the woman can experience orgasm. This can be accomplished by premature ejaculation exercises which will strengthen the male muscle responsible for ejaculatory control.

2. Touching Tricks. Both before sex and during sex, utilize touching tricks. This involves learning about the erotic zones on both the male and female body. For example the inner thighs and the neck are erotic zones for both sexes. These touching zones are highly erotic and work wonders both during foreplay and actual sex. Implement these to stimulate during foreplay which will make actual sex, much  better . And then utilizing these during sex can create that amazing intimacy which you are after.

3. Start slow and speed up gradually. The biggest mistake both men and women make for learning how to have the  best  sex  ever , is rushing into the act too quickly. Amazing intimacy is intimacy that takes time. The pleasures are drawn out and memorable, but also brought to a climaxed point. Hence, you also want to avoid starting slow and ending slow. What creates amazing intimacy is the gradual speed up during sex. Starting out slow and controlled and then losing yourselves into one another in animalistic pleasures.



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