How do Informant Testimonies and Participant Observation enhance our Understanding of religious communities?”

You must incorporate and analyse relevant academic texts. I have listed some of these texts to use:-

1 .The study of religion : an introduction to key ideas and methods Author: Chryssides, George D., Additional Person Name: Geaves, Ron.
2. The insider/outsider problem in the study of religion : a reader Additional Person Name: McCutcheon, Russell T.,
3. Beyond phenomenology [electronic resource] : rethinking the study of religion Author: Flood, Gavin D.,
4. – Gregg, S. and Scholefield, L. (2015). Engaging with Living Religion. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis.
5. Geaves, C., and Geaves, R. (2009) The Legitimization of a Regional Folk cult: The Transmigration of Baba Balaknath from Rural Punjab to Urban Europe. Heidelberg.
6. Laine, M. de (2000). Fieldwork, participation and practice. London: Sage.
7. Takhar, O. and Jacobs, S. (2011). Confusing the issue. Discourse: Learning and Teaching in Philosophical and Religious Studies, 10(2), pp.33-34.

Please note that I will be relating this academic research to a particular fieldwork visit I have recently carried out. What I will require from you is specific points in relation to Informant Testimonies and Participant Observations, the point raised and academic research to back it up, I will then relate this research to my own fieldwork. Thanks


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