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Technological developments are taking place regularly and the latest emerging technology development is the W3C Semantic Web initiative, which is the joint effort of the scientific (MIT, Stanford) and business institutions (HP, IBM) (Tolksdorf, Bizer, Eckstein & Heese, 2003). Even though a nascent vision of the Semantic Web was unveiled in 2002, it is yet to be fully operational (Feigenbaum, Herman, Hongsermeier, Neumann & Stephens, 2007). The Semantic Web is the enhancement of the World Wide Web but with far greater utility. This technology is of particular interest because it enables better utilization of the voluminous data available on the internet. It has made an impact on the society and businesses even though many of its applications are still in the beta stage. Information on this technology and its application have been collected through academic journals and magazines apart from the World Wide Web. This paper will explain what the technology is and then highlight the stage at which the technology is at this juncture. It would then explain its application in different business areas and the impact it has made on society.

Semantics is the study of meaning and contemporary semantic technology uses domain knowledge to make the software more intelligent, adaptive and efficient (Holcomb, 2009). It helps to understand the intended meanings in unstructured data. Tim Berners-Lee, the brain behind this technology, contends that a set of young technologies would make this vision come true. These include a common language for representing data that could be understood by all kinds of software agents, ontologies to translate information into common terms and rules that allow software agents to reason about the information (Feigenbaum, Herman, Hongsermeier, Neumann & Stephens, 2007).


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