Global Paper
Write a 3-4 page, double-spaced paper NOT including the bibliography/references page giving advice to a company that is searching for opportunities to market its
product(s) in a country of your choice (other than the USA). Discuss the environmental factors such as, socio-cultural, economical, regulatory, technological etc. that
the company should take into consideration when preparing their marketing mix.
Global Paper Organization Guideline
I. Introduction: Introduce clearly and give a brief overview of the product and the country you have chosen.
II. Analysis: Analyze the country of your choice based on the following criteria ��� make sure you include all criteria. i. Socio-cultural forces ii. Economic forces
iii. Technological forces iv. Competitive forces v. Regulatory forces
III. Recommendations: Based on your analysis recommend a marketing mix. i. Product: specify if any modifications would have to be made. ii. Price: This should be based
on target market���s income, competitor pricing, etc. iii. Place: should be country specific. Research and find out about the distribution strategy for your product in
that particular country. iv. Promotion: Make sure local rules and regulations are not violated.
IV. References: You should show references for your research. In other words, it should not be based on your personal opinion or touristic impressions. Follow APA
documentation to complete this section. Minimum five references are required for this paper.


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