Fragile and Transitional States” Please respond to the following:
Build on your previous discussion answer about change strategies and performance measures, and analyze issues and / or needs associated with strengthening the competency-base of employees in meeting the needs of globalization.
Recommend at least two strategies the agency needs to adapt to meet those issues and / or needs effectively.

1st discussion

Emotional labor

Emotional labor is the process whereby an employee is expected to regulate and control his or her feelings or rather emotions at the place of work. The author has expounded on the topic by stating that the employees are expected to be careful during the decision-making process so as not to include their emotions and feelings.

Positive effects

Sometimes emotions may affect the decision that an employee is supposed to make thus compromising the reliability of the decisions made. Therefore, when an employee avoids emotions from influencing his or her decisions, the decisions made are likely to help in improving the quality of services in the public sector.
People are different and have different tastes as well as preferences. When an employee alienates his or her feelings during the process of discharging his or her duties to the customers, the services provided attract diverse customers (Kearney & Coggburn, 2016).

It becomes difficult at times to separate a person from his or her feelings, and that affects the quality of services that an employee provides to the customers.
To ensure that feelings are separated from the employees, the involvement of a professional counselor is of a prominent essence. Some public institutions have invested less in ensuring that the employees are counseled, and that affects the quality of services the employees provide.
Employment benefits

Employee benefits are the rewards that are offered by the organization as a way of thanking the employees and also motivating them to work harder.

Positive effects

Employees are encouraged to exchange helpful ideas with the public sector since the public sector has already demonstrated good will by rewarding them.

Retaining employees becomes easy since the benefits encourage the employees to work longer in the public sector (Paul, 2015).

The public sector has a lot of staff, and sometimes it becomes difficult to reward all of them at the same time.
The money used to reward the employees comes from the treasury and sometimes there might be emergency or arising issues that need money. When it comes to such a case, the benefits of the employees might be affected, and that is not likely to be taken well by the employees.


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