For this order, you will be filling out a word document which focuses on “pre-observation memorandum” and “lesson plan,” which I will be attaching with this order. You do not need to worry about the “post-observation memorandum reflection,” as that will be done at a later period. Please read the instructions carefully as it has to be done correctly, structured and straight to the point. This specific assignment will be focusing on english language learners, 6th grade (middle school). It is a self-contained classroom. They meet for 90 minutes every day. In the word document, you will noticed that I already fill-in some sections, therefore, you will focus mainly on the highlighted sections. In this lesson, you will be focus on the following topic, “singular and plural – there + be – prepositions of place.” For the first part which is the actual lesson (modeling/scaffolding), I want you to create a chart like shown in the samples (will upload), and come up with five specific question(s) where I could model to the student(s) where they could find the answer(s) using either “there is, there are” and prepositions of place, “in, below, over, in front of, next to, etc.” This lesson should also contain two worksheet(s) for students’ to do to assess their learning on this specific topic (independent work). It could be multiple choice, matching, filling in the blank, writing in complete sentence(s) and so on. Provide visuals, word bank(s) or anything that would help guide them. You must also create a take-home homework assignment for them to continue practicing their literacy skills at home. Get creative, but also take into account the grade levels and the language proficiency. For the assessment part, my cooperating teacher is not a fan of “rubrics” because he feels that is more for projects. So you would be assessing them informally, but maybe you could do a checklist as a way to assess them that would be brief and quick to do. The goal of this order is to focus on assessing, how would you differentiate the lesson, how would you manage the classroom, vocabulary (using academic language), questioning, etc. Read the template(s) carefully and keep everything straight to the point and easy for me to follow with the students. For the “pre-observation” section, I added some information(s) to help assist. Furthermore, you will be focusing on the NEW YORK STATE common core standards based on the grade level and content area (ENGLISH, ELA). Again, think about english language learners and what can be done to enhance their learning in all five domains, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension. If you are using any references, please ensure to cite them in APA format. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Think critically and creatively. Please do your best. Link for NYS common core standards: PLEASE make sure to use “easy to understand” language as these are true beginners and they are still learning English. You could challenge them, activate their prior language, but try to also incorporate using their native language in the lesson (Spanish). **I will be uploading some samples from a packet that the students did on this specific topic, do not plagiarize, but get some ideas on how to proceed with this specific topic and expand on it by incorporating other ways of assessing and teaching the students on grammar.


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