It will soon be time to begin work on Brief Paper 3 that will focus on LSC administration or management. Select two management tasks or functions that LSC directors must perform. E-mail the instructor for approval of each of the tasks about which you wish to write. Once you have approval, develop your paper. For each task, I would suggest that you include a discussion of the following in this order: (a) identify and briefly describe the task; (b) explain the various aspects, component parts, activities or steps involved in the task; (c) if portions of the task can be shared or delegated with other LSC staff, explain how and to whom this can be done; (d) discuss the importance of this task for the successful operation of the LSC; (e) describe specific challenges or obstacles the LSC director faces in accomplishing the task; and (f) describe new or innovative approaches being used by LSC directors in overcoming these challenges or obstacles. (Due November 12, 2019; 2000 words maximum excluding references; 150 points)

You can select any two you want……….


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