1.careful read this chapter and summary (introduces each country and their culture, traditions music and instruments)

2.Find a recording of music from the region we are studying (The Middle East). Consider using the Smithsonian Folkways, Nonesuch Explorer Series, Lyrichord Discs or Nimbus Records websites to find recordings, and then search for the title on Spotify or YouTube. Those streaming services are strongly recommended, but another free streaming service is acceptable. Listen carefully, noting the instruments, the number of performers, the form, and anything else you can identify.

3.Type a 1-2 page paper. This paper should contain two main sections: a summary of the chapter and your thoughts, ideas, and reactions to the music you found. This can include your opinions, feelings, ideas, and anything else that may be relevant. Include a link to the music you selected.


here is a example, and the pages of this chapter


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