Final Project: Community Needs Assessment
Your Final Project must be written in standard edited English. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week���s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct. See the rubric for additional requirements related to research and scholarly writing.
Throughout the course, you have been developing your Community Needs Assessment. For your Final Project, submit the items below. Be sure to incorporate the feedback provided by your Instructors and your colleagues. Also, provide headings that separate and define the different sections of the assignment.
Your Final Project will include the following (10���pages
Initiative Proposal
Summarize in paragraph form key relevant information from your Data Analysis (do not submit the worksheets)
SWOT Analysis (Week 6)
Do not submit your Power Point Presentation.
Instead, include a two-page summary of your PowerPoint that identifies the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your project.
Program Evaluation (Week 8)
Make sure your paper flows without repeating sections
Community Partnerships
Social Change
Explain in 1-2 pages how you would plan to measure social change. For example, would you track the outcomes or the overall process?


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