Purpose of Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is for students to initiate and complete a comprehensive financial plan. The ultimate result will be a set of pro forma financial statements including an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. The student will develop requisite assumptions about the dollar values to be budgeted. Assignment Steps: Search the internet for financial statements of publicly traded companies.Evaluate financial ratios in a minimum 1,050 words which includes the following:Explain the uses for each of the three classifications of ratios: liquidity, solvency, and profitability.Calculate the current ratio, profit margin, and after tax ROE, of any publicly traded company. Then locate and compare these with the ratios provided for that firm by Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, or Morningstar.. Display your calculations in a chart with the formulas and that compares the ones you calculated with the ones you located from Yahoo finance, Google Finance, or Morningstar. They will more than likely not be the exact same amounts because of the difference in dates of the calculations you did and the published dates.Cite a minimum of one peer reviewed reference from the University Library.Format assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


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