Final case study.

Your presentation of this case study will show your overall understanding of the chapters you have read in both books on ethics and your outside research for the articles. Hopefully you have picked up some things you did not know before you started this class and it made you want to learn more on a topic.

Your options are to chose from case #6.5 on page 85; #6.15 on page 101; or case #6.34 on page 138 from your Ethics on the Job book.

As an employee of any company you could be faced with one of the problems presented in these cases. Present one of these cases using the RESOLVEDD strategy. Use the checklist that starts on page 47 to ensure you have covered all the areas of this strategy. Your presentation should be 4-7 pages double spaced in order to properly analyze the case. This case is worth 200 points.

Use the analysis of the case of The Not So Great Gatsby on page 42 as an example of how to present your case. Use 12? pitch, 1 inch margins, double space and indent your paragraphs.


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