Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Ethical KM Training for Tata Steel. However, the essay will discuss how social, cultural and organizational issues affected system development process and information system. In addition to this, the essay will also focus on the taken measures by Tata Steel in order to overcome the ongoing issues.

Earlier, Tata Steel was only a general manufacturing organization. But, the organizational management has realized that there are internal issues that may affect the business performance of the organization (McGrath, 2003). The management of the organization purposely adopted knowledge management aspect in the organization operational process to overcome organizational, cultural and social issues. In terms of organizational issues, the management of the organization was only focusing on the centralization process and strict hierarchical structure. This aspect affected system development process as centralized organizational structure and culture affected the motivation aspect of both employees other important organizational stakeholders. It is true that, The management of Tata Steel has adopted several programmes and development processes regarding knowledge management, but lack of employee engagement before the KM process affected strategy development and decision making process (Griffiths, 2012). Inadequate workplace diversity also created issues for the management of the organization.

Before the implementation of knowledge management system in the other organizational process, the management of Tata Steel found out some culture related issues in the management (Hobhm, 2004). The employees of the organization were self-centric and they did not feel free to share their views and knowledge with others. It actually affected the collaborative workplace performance of the organization.&nbsp.


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