Ch. 11 “Momentum for Change” Awards assignment

This background (Links to an external site.) updates you on the critical work being done at the United Nations regarding climate change. It updates and goes in further depth to the section on international agreements in your text in Chapter 11. Review the website (Links to an external site.) for an introduction to the UN Convention on Climate Change’s “Momentum for Change” initiatives. Watch the introduction video labeled “Transformative Climate Action”. After watching the video, link to the descriptions of the 2019 and 2018 winners:

2019 Awards: (Links to an external site.)

2018 Awards: (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.)The awards are granted in six areas: 1) Planetary Health; 2) Climate Neutral Now; 3) Women for Results; 4) Financing for Climate Friendly Investment; 5) ICT Solutions; and 6) Urban Poor.

The selection criteria for the awards include:

Be scalable and replicable.
Already be implemented or in the process of implementation.
Address climate change mitigation or adaptation.
Be innovative and/or demonstrate the potential for long-term transformational change.
Deliver verifiable social and environmental benefits.
After reading the brief descriptions of the awards, choose 2 (must be from 2 different categories) that you think will be the most impactful. It is preferred that the award be to a company and/or that a collaborative effort is involved, but if you see others as especially impactful you are not restricted to writing about a business or collaboration for this assignment. For your two chosen award winners, write up a report that includes the following information about each project (sections 2-4 should be at least one long paragraph):

1. Title of Project, location and brief overview description.

2. Statement of the climate change issue the project is addressing, which of the 6 categories it is in and how the project is addressing that issue. Note if any collaborations are involved (link in assigned Kiron article if possible).

3. The results thus far from the project.

4. The potential for replication and truly transformational change as a result of this project.


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