Annotated Bibliography
ENGL 123 Annotated Bibliography Instructions (1014)
Your assignment is to prepare an annotated bibliography using APA documentation style. The assignment has two parts: the list of sources and the annotation for each
The list of sources must contain:
1. The subject of your research, which you must state at the top of the page. 2. Seven sources of information about your subject, including: a. At least one book b. At
least two articles from one or more databases in the Hunt Library c. At least one scholarly article. 3. All sources correctly documented in APA style. 4. The entire
references list correctly formatted in APA style.
Special note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for scholarly work. Do not use Wikipedia as a source for this or any academic assignment.
The annotation for each source must contain: 1. A short summary (1-3 sentences) of the information found in the source. 2. An evaluation of the source���s credibility,
reliability, currency, possible bias, and usefulness with respect to your topic. Refer to pages 17-23 in A Pocket Style Manual for specific tips on evaluating
This assignment cannot be revised. You are expected to use A Pocket Style Manual to ensure your documentation is correct
Below is an example. The words in italics (summary and evaluation) do not need to be in your work; they are here just for the clarity of the example.
Subject: Psychic Phenomena
Cleer, I. (1994). A psychic���s life. New York, NY: FlyByNight Press.
This is a humorous look at the life of a modern-day psychic who tells the future
by reading Tarot cards. (summary) Since it is written by the psychic herself, it is most
likely accurate, but may be biased in favor of justifying her craft. (evaluation)
Harrumph, H. H. (2000). Seeing through psychic phenomena. Paranormal
Journal, 23, 312-333.
ENGL 123 Annotated Bibliography Instructions (1014)
This is a scholarly examination of claims made by psychics, such as clairvoyance
and ability to see the future. It is drawn from case histories over 25 years. (summary)
Much of the language is difficult to read, so its usefulness may be limited. (evaluation)
Canvas 10/14
ENGL 123 ��� English Composition: Annotated Bibliography Rubric
As with all the course assignments, the grading is based on the requirements outlined in the assignment instructions.
Criteria Achievement
Subject; Alphabetical Order of List (5%)
5 maximum points Research subject listed at the top of the page; entire list of sources correctly alphabetized
Types of Sources (4%)
4 maximum points List of sources includes at least one book, two articles from Hunt Library databases, and one scholarly article
Summaries (14%)
14 maximum points Summary for each source is adequate
Evaluations (28%)
28 maximum points Evaluation for each source covers credibility, reliability, currency, possible bias, and usefulness with respect to topic
APA: Required Information (14%)
14 maximum points All required information included in each citation; no unnecessary information is given
APA: Order of Information (7%)
7 maximum points All information in each citation is in the correct order
APA: Mechanics (28%)
28 maximum points All mechanics (capitalization, punctuation, italics or not, indentation, double-spacing, etc.) correct


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