Ending the War Between Sales and Marketing – Harvard Business Review
PROMPT: Sales and Marketing remain integrally connected for many businesses today. However, the two functions don’t always work in tandem. When they do work well
together, business tend to succeed. Review how different types of sales strategies can help propel marketing efforts of a business. Where do more traditional
marketing efforts “end” and more sales activities begin? What are some personal experiences you’ve had in dealing with a salesperson. Was the interaction effective?
How did it feel to be “sold to.” Do some outside research on the topic of Relationship Selling. From a salesperson’s perspective, what is the difference between
pitching to a customer versus engaging in relationship selling. What characteristics make a good sales person? What are some examples of businesses where sales and
marketing are most integrated where you have observed a successful pairing of the two?
2 pages.
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Schmitz, A. (Trans.). 2012. Managing new products: The product life cycle.
Wineclaw, R.A. (2015). New product management. Research Starters: Business (Online Edition).
Jaruzelski, B., Loehr, J., & Holman, R. (2011). The global innovation 1000: Why culture is key. Strategy+Business, 65.
Case Study
Barnett, W., & Han, A. (2011). Facebook in 2011. Stanford Graduate School of Business. Case No. E406. 1-28.
Moore, G. (2005, Apr 6). Innovation and inertia. [Video file].
Gao, J. (2009, Mar 27). Intel Corporation: Innovation management 2009 group 11. [Video file].
MBA Reference Guides
The product life cycle
Product diffusion curve
Individual Case Study: Facebook: Looking to the future.
Individual Case Study (10%):
Facebook: Looking to the future.
Analyze the case study based on the questions given below. This case study assignment is tightly integrated with the readings for this and previous weeks. You will
need to acquire a good understanding of key ideas from the readings before starting to analyze the case study.
After reviewing the case study materials, write a 6-7 page paper covering the following questions.
How was Facebook able to stay ahead of competitors like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn over the last 5 years? What strategies did they implement to give them that
competitive advantage?
Describe the weaknesses of Facebook���s privacy policies and features. What factors contributed to those weaknesses? Did Facebook overcome this issue? If so, how?
What steps should Facebook take to increase the confidence of users, analysts and investors in its innovation strategies?
As the social media industry continues to expand, what measures should Facebook take to fend off new and innovative companies from entering the market?
Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time)


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