GLG 1101–MWF-12 pm Section TEST DIRECTIONS
�� Tests will appear on eLearn at 12-midnight on the day you are to ���pick chip��� in class. �� Test questions will disappear off of eLearn at 12-midnight on the day the test is due.
�� You will select a colored chip at random at the start of class on Mondays. Check course schedule for ���pick chip��� days. �� If you know that you will be absent on ���pick chip day���, you may pick early. �� If you have not ���picked a chip���, then that test is considered a make-up test. �� Tests 1 through 5 are due on Fridays.
�� Each test consists of 5 to 6 essay questions; each worth up to 10 points [partial points are possible]. �� One question from each test will be an optional ���bonus��� question–worth up to 5 points. �� You are not required to answer the bonus question, but, if you want to go for the extra points, you must have attempted to answer all of your other test questions first.
�� Test answers MUST BE typed. Handwritten tests will not be accepted. �� I expect answers to be in your own words and properly spell checked and grammar checked. �� Two or more tests submitted with the same format, word-for-word answers, spelling/grammar errors….will be considered as plagiarized and will both receive a grade of zero. The degree of ���sameness��� is at my discretion. �� HARD COPY tests are to be turned in to me no later than 2 pm on the day the test is due. �� I also do not accept emailed tests unless there are extenuating circumstances and I have given you permission to do so. Due means due. If the test is not received by me by the final due time on the due date, it is unacceptable and you must take the test as a make-up. [see make-up policy below]
�� Answers are to be labeled with the correct question number and part [A, B, etc.]. DO NOT combine parts of questions together into one answer. When I grade the tests, I will be looking for: answer 1A., 1B., 1C., etc. If I do not find the answers in the same format as the questions, that answer is an automatic zero. �� You need not include the question with the answer. �� Answers must be long enough and thorough enough to answer the question completely. You will have a minimum of 7 days to come up with answers. I expect a college level effort in your reply.
�� Make-up tests will be administered in the H.R.C. [rm 1130] during open hours. Other testing locations will be used only if I have received official paperwork from you stating that such locations are necessary. �� You will have 7 calendar days after the original test due date to complete the make-up. �� Make-up tests are closed book and closed notes..brain only. �� You will have a maximum of 50 minutes to make-up the test. �� Make-up tests are due at the start of class on the Friday a week after the original due date [see course schedule]. �� Only 1 make-up test is permitted per term. There are no make-up opportunities for Test 5. �� Not ���picking a chip��� or not turning in a test counts as a make-up opportunity. �� If you have been given the opportunity to make-up a test but did not take it, that still counts as your one and only test make-up. No exceptions.
SUPER BONUS: �� In every ���bag of chips��� there will be [depending on class size] 4 to 6 SUPER CHIPS. �� If you draw a GREEN chip, you are exempt from having to complete the test. �� All other colors will have to complete the test. �� You can not pick a super chip more than once per term. �� Anyone who has not picked a GREEN chip by test 4, will automatically have the ���Super chip��� for test 5. �� If you draw the GREEN super chip, you may choose to complete the test anyway. If you achieve a 75% or higher on this ���SUPER��� test, I will count that test as bonus points toward your total test score; up to 100%.


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