Panera Case Project Analysis and Questions

Case Project Analysis and Questions: The case project for this course is case #8 – Panera: C-162. Note: Read this case, begin the research by finding/reading the last four annual reports, and start working on this analysis ASAP. Note: all information contained in the case, coupled with all current/past information on this company will be used for application questions on the exams (including the final). APA style is required-failure to provide correct source documentation will result in plagiarism (automatic F = zero points, see the plagiarism section of the syllabus). Using any style other than APA (i.e. MLA) results in plagiarism as well. (See this site for an APA review: ) Post the final paper in a Word Document into Blackboard.

Include the following in your case analysis:

Cover page.

One page abstract of the case.

Answer the following questions in full detail (minimum of 3 pages per question, i.e. question #1 must be a minimum of 3 pages, as is the same requirement for each question number–the final paper is typically 25+ pages) using the case as a base and updating all information through research: (Reminder the definition of minimum was established in the first assignment, i.e. minimum = Grade C.)

1. Discuss the distinguishing features (Market size, Market growth rate, Industry strength, etc.) of the industry.

2. Discuss the competition within the industry. Who are the main players? How intense is the rivalry? How attractive is the industry? What factors are critical to competing successfully in the industry? Porter’s Model of Competition must be used in this section

3. Discuss how the industry is changing?

4. What is this organization’s strategy to compete? Is the strategy working? Perform a complete SWOT (minimum of eight components for element of SWOT, along with the identification and justification of the UT).

5. Perform a financial analysis based on all current information available. Include in this analysis, a full comparison of Panera’s financials to their top three publically traded competitors.

6. Provide your recommendations (a minimum of eight) and a plan of action.

7. Note: The analysis for this case must be performed with current information; the case is simply background information. Current information that must be reviewed: Current Annual Report, Current News, Current Research (beyond simple “internet search”), etc…

8. Document all sources properly (APA style is required–this is not an option), failure to do so, results in a plagiarized paper, and the resulting grade is an F (zero points)–refer to the student dishonesty section of the syllabus. Make sure all sources are verified and acceptable—example: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for this project (and all other similar sources are not acceptable as well).

9. The definition of minimum was established in the first assignment (minimum = C) and this definition applies to this case as well.

10. Note: This is a senior project, with senior expectations, and this project will be graded accordingly, i.e. deductions will be made for spelling and grammar errors. Suggestions: Start early! Read the assignment instructions carefully and thoroughly. If you have any questions on the assignment instructions, requirements, and submission procedures, email your course instructor for clarifications as soon as possible. Submit your completed assignment per the given submission instructions.


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