2000 words equals about 4-5 pages

A) Introduction – max 0,5 page

B) Describe a personal working experience that includes issues of conflicting values and worldviews.

(Definition of important concepts is important in order for the reader of your essay to understand what you mean, – either here or under introduction, and to be elaborated in the next section) (max 1 page)

C) Discuss your experience by using your reading list, discuss from the perspective of conflicting values and worldviews. You are expected to demonstrate theoretical knowledge of the important concepts we have studied this term as you reflect on a personal working experience (2-3 pages)

Under this section you may have several subheadings – it makes it easier for you to organise your work and easier for the reader of your text.

D) Conlucing comments ( a few sentences)

Remember to include a Reference list – and presented in a correct way.

No reference list, or a messy reference list means fail.


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