1. Collection plan

2. Strategic Assessment (group task)

3. Supporting doc, indicators and warnings

4. Reflection

Background –

In recent weeks and months the issue of corruption in sport has emerged as a significant matter of interest, even more so in the lead up to the Olympic Games. Corruption in sport has many forms as has been evidenced by the FIFA corruption scandal, the IPL spot-fixing and betting controversy, the banning of Russian athletes from the Olympics due to a likely state sponsored doping program, the Essendon football club doping saga among many other examples in local and international sport.


Your primary task this semester is to develop an intelligence assessment on corruption in sport. In the assessment you are to provide a general overview of corruption in your chosen sport (see below), provide an intelligence assessment on which form of corruption is most prolific in that sport and forecast a likely emergent form of corruption in that sport.

The focus will be on the following sports:

– Tennis

– Boxing

– Soccer

– Table tennis


This assessment consists of individual and group activities. The class will be broken up into teams of four analysts, each team being responsible to produce an intelligence assessment on:

“Which form of corruption is most prolific in (tennis/boxing/soccer/table tennis) and what is a likely emergent form of corruption in that sport.”

The final report will consist of six chapters, chapter 1 being the context of the report, Chapter 6 the overall assessment and recommendations. Chapters 2-5 will address each sport individually and each chapter will be the responsibility of one individual analyst. The sport specific chapters are to be no less than 2000 words and not more than 3000 words in length.

Assessment 1

By the conclusion of week 4 each student will have submitted a 2-3 page collection plan which outlines the range of potential sources available and an indication of the types of information each source will yield. Collection plans will be specific to the student’s assigned sport of investigation. The completed collection plan is to be submitted via Blackboard. The collection plan is worth 10% of the total marks for the semester.

Assessment 2

At the conclusion of week 10 each student is to have submitted their completed chapter on their assigned sport, via Blackboard.

At the conclusion of week 11 the nominated team leader for each group is to submit via email the full intelligence assessment as described in the details section above.

This assessment is worth 60% of the total marks for the semester. 80% of your individual mark will be derived from the individually compiled chapter, the final 20% will be derived from the team effort in completing the full collated report (including chapters 1 and 6).

Assessment 3

At the conclusion of week 12 each student will submit a 2 page report detailing indicators and warnings (further clarification will be given closer to the due date). This report will be worth 20% of the total marks for the semester.

Assessment 4

By the conclusion of week 13 each student must submit via Blackboard 2-3 page reflective assessment of what they have learnt about intelligence, analysis and assessment in the compilation of the intelligence product. Also discuss what went right, what went wrong, what they would do differently and the nature of the team dynamics. This report will be worth 10% of the totals marks for the semester.

Additional instructions will be posted on Blackboard and the nature of the assessment will be discussed in some detail in the lecture for week 1.

To succeed in this unit you will need to work effectively both as an individual and a member of a team.

Attachment:- Intelligence Collection Plan.rar


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