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Describe the difference in roles between leadership and management.

Leadership according to Whitney 2018 is the process of influencing people to accomplish a goal. Management on the other hand is the coordination and integrating of resources through planning, organizing coordinating, directing and controlling to accomplish specific institutional goals and objectives (Whitney ,2018). Leadership focus on people while management focus on the system and structure. leadership involves in the innovation whereas management focuses on administer. Managers cope with complexity whereas leadership cope with change.

Explain how the goals of management and leadership overlap and provide one example.

  1. Exercise broad-perspective decision making.
  2. Communicate with followers.
  3. Motivates followers

As a nurse leader describe how you can facilitate change by taking advantage of this overlap.

As a nurse leader by exercising broad perspective decision making, I will give opportunities for every sector in my facility to be part of the decision making so that when ideas comes from variety sector health promotion will be improved. Communication is a very big part in life .so as a nurse leader I will encourage every member of my team to be able to come to me and communicate what he or she want to be fixed or what he or she does not fine okay to them. Example if 2 nurses are fighting i want to make it in such a way that they can come to me and communicate it .Me as a nurse leader I will create a lot of incentives for my followers such as best employee of the month, littles words like thank you , having snacks for them ,having a day set aside for nurses to dress up and come to work . with all these motivations just to name a few, it will make my followers to love coming to work and they will practice effective care to their patients by so doing promoting health


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