1. Describe how enslavement of Africans by Europeans began. Explain how European slavery was different than African Enslavement.

2. How was it possible for Europeans to enslave millions of Africans?

3. Define Rascism.

4. Describe the conditions of African slaves during the Middle Passage from Africa to the Americas.

5. Why did plantation owners turn to the system of slavery as a labor source and how was it different from indentured servitude.

6. List the first three ‘slave laws’ out of the Virginia colony.

7. What colony and what group in that colony were the first to proclaim that slavery was wrong and what movement did they begin?

8. Who was Crispus Attucks and why was he important for the American Revolution?

9. What 2 men founded the Free African Society and what did they hope to accomplish?

10. What 2 compromises forced the U.S. Constitution to NOT end slavery?


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