Create a schedule
Creating a Schedule
Part I: Please create a detailed schedule for yourself that covers one week of your life, using some of the principles covered in this week���s readings and lectures.
This schedule should include at least five listed items for each of the seven days of the week (at least 35 items total) and should be detailed enough so as to be
helpful in your goal of proper time management.
The schedule should include items that are repeated daily (e.g. taking kids to school, going to work, etc.), items that revolve around your school work (e.g. study
time, reading time, time to work on assignments), and items that would be unique to that particular week (e.g. doctor���s appointment, meeting, etc.).
Part II: Along with the schedule, include a well-developed paragraph in which you share what you found easiest about making the schedule as well as most difficult, and
why you felt this way. Also, include a well-developed paragraph in which you evaluate why creating a schedule like this would help you to succeed as a student and how
you will apply this concept in the future and/or how you have applied this concept in the past.
Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Plan describes a clear, effective approach for each of the following five factors: creating a study schedule for the test, devising study tactics for the test, setting
up technology for the test, preparing yourself on the day of the test, taking the test. (18 points per factor)
Paper uses proper mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling that affects quality.


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