Create a hypothesis using “We want you to see the effect of participants’ gender and the nature of social comparison to our participants on their opinions towards themselves when comparing to other people. We predict two main effects (Priming Independent Variable and Memory Independent Variable) and one interaction effect (combined effect of priming x memory). In addition to the same dependent variables in the first study, we also have two additional dependent variables that you can use – Life satisfaction and self esteem.” Next, write a short summary and analysis for each article. After, decide whether the hypothesis is supported or not supported. I have attached all 5 articles that must be used and referenced. ONLY USE SOURCES I HAVE ATTACHED. At the end of the paper, use the articles referenced in the Social Comparison Literature Review that I have attached to connect the topics to the 5 articles that will be reviewed and summarized in this paper. Be sure to reference those as you connect. Use the Literature Review that is attached as a sample as well to guide the writing.


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