Australia has one of the toughest immigration laws in the world. Did you know that all applicants who apply to immigrate to Australia have to pass a character test to qualify? A person’s past and present conduct is checked into to ensure that he or she has  good  moral character. Character test for  Australian  visa is a reality and you should be aware as to what constitutes  good  and bad character as per  Australian  laws.

A person who evades debts, avoids paying his or her bills and indulges in activities which disregard the law or human rights are judged as being not of  good  moral character. If you have visited Australia in the past, the immigration authorities will check your past conduct in the country. This means they will check whether you were deported, or any criminal charges were brought against you.

If you are planning to working in Australia, do not arrive in the country on a tourist visa. According to the decree issued by the  Australian  Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, a person cannot work under a tourist visa. At times, depending on your nationality, you might not be allowed to change your visa type on arrival.

If you arrive in Australia as a tourist and then seek asylum as a refugee, you will be given Bridging A type visa. This will give you a tax file number and you will be allowed to work. Usually this type of visa is granted to those who apply for a refugee visa within 45 days of arrival. The Bridging A type visa will come into effect after the expiration of the tourist visa. Your application will be processed within weeks. In case your application for refugee visa is denied, you have just 28 days to either appeal against the decision or leave the country.

If you are seeking refugee status, you should always give true and factual information. Making false claims and fabricating statements will be result in you failing the character test. It has been seen that many times subsequent visa applications are rejected because a person falsified information to get a Bridge A type visa.



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