Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on changes that take place in the human locomotor system Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! For locomotion or walking, the skeletal muscles and bones work as a functioning unit. Thus the skeletomuscular system contributes to locomotion. Our ability to perform the regular activities is contingent on our ability to control the multiple dimensions such as posture, balance, and locomotion. The balancing of the body refers to the control of the center of mass (COM) with respect to the base of the support. (Spirduso et. al, 2005). According to the human postural control systems theory, bodily orientation and locomotion are controlled by multiple systems in the body. The important systems include motor, sensory and cognitive systems. The sensory system involves in processing the information. The motor system is involved in the movement of the body. The cognitive systems are the structures that determine the mental processing of the human. The systems will perform based on the goal and on the environment in which it is performed. As the human passes from one stage to another, a number of changes occur in the sensory, motor and cognitive systems.

The process of using two feet for locomotion is called bipedalism. It mainly occurs in terrestrial locomotion. The various types of bipedalism include walking, running, etc. The bipedal movement requires a number of adaptations in mechanics and neurology. The mechanical adaptation says that bipedalism is a type of walking and running. Another important requirement of bipedalism is the long, strong legs with thigh musculature. The muscles of the thigh are very much important for the good bipedalism. A biped must have a good breath whilst run. The most important requirement for bipedalism is the neural network. (Berg, 1999). The nerves must send the impulses so quickly that they must respond before they fall down by losing the rigidity. Thus the neurological system is very essential. The advantages of bipedalism are improved vision. the raised head helps the individuals to have good&nbsp.detection of various aspects including the distinct dangers.&nbsp.


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