This essay should be about “Cathedral”. It is a critical response essay.
Discuss religion/spirituality as portrayed in Cathedral (ie, what is Carver trying to tell us about religion or spirituality?)
Remember that the paper should be a literary analysis–you should analyze symbols, images, diction, irony, setting, etc and not just plot and characters. You should try to argue your interpretation of an aspect of the story.
�� The essay should be no less than 1,000 words. It must be in Modern Language Association format which always includes a complete works cited page. This page should, at the very least, contain the primary source you use in the paper.
�� Present a clear thesis statement in your Introduction that establishes your focus���it should be a claim that your essay will prove. Aim to select a thesis that is not utterly obvious; you may want to conceive of your thesis as a declarative statement that a sophisticated reader could find disagreeable.
�� Make sure to add introduction and concluding paragraphs.


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