Create a 13 to 15-slide Microsoft? PowerPoint? presentation about your interview with a case manager.
Interview a case manager about his or her role in coordinating services for clients. At a minimum, include answers to the following questions in your presentation:
Interviewee's agency or ogranization
Identify and describe population served.
How important is it to network and collaborate with other providers?
How do case managers engage in collaboration with other providers to help clients receive services?
How do case managers find and select resources?
What is the role of the case manager in the referral process?
What are the responsibilities of the client in the referral process?
Monitoring protocol (if any)

This assignment is a report of information derived from an interview, not a duplication of a conversation. Do not develop slides or notes with questions and answers.
REported information must be cited to validate its contents and show how it lenks to theory and case management practices. This also demonstrates the developer's knowledge of what they have learned from course materials ond other sources they have had access to.
Create a Microsoft? PowerPoint? Presentation that follows the 6X6 presentation rule, with detailed and supported speaker notes for each bullet contained on the slide. Each note is be supported to link with theory and documented sources to validate.

Format all speaker notes consistent with APA guidelines. Speaker notes are to be written as entries for each bullet, with a space between addressing each bullet. Each subject, theory, assertion, and numerical value is to be supported.

In addition to the number of slides assigned there is to be a title slide, a table of contents slide, and the reference slides. For team assignments, the Table of Contents slide needs to indicates which team member worked on which slides.

Follow 6X6 Rule for developing slide.

Format your notes consistent with APA guidelines.

Graphics can complement slides; but should never be the focal point or encompass the majority of the slide space.

Provide detailed and supported speaker notes for each bullet contained on the slide to link with theory and documented sources to validate your contents.

McClam, T., & Woodside, M. (2012). The helping process: Assessment to termination. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.


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