Hello, You will have to log in to my school canvas and follow these steps

Once you’ve logged in, you need to go to “Dashboard” then click on the “1019 NUR 112” class, once you’ve clicked on it, you’ll click on “Article review assignment” located on the Right side of the screen. there will be directions on the assignment and you will be using the “Library and Resources” tab located on the left Side for the articles.
PLEASE follow rubric as well.


Find an article from a nursing journal relating to one of the concepts listed below:

Safe, Patient-Centered Care
Caring Behaviors
Clinical Judgment

Submit the name of the database utilized and the keywords used for the search.
In your own words write a short (no more than 1 paragraph) synopsis of the article and why you chose the topic.
Submit the reference of the article utilizing APA format.


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