Car rental discount-codes can give you tons of savings. It makes renting a car better than owning one. With up to 30 percent discount on all days and 50 percent discount on weekends, you are sometimes better off letting other people purchase the car and just renting it. There are several ways for you to acquire discount-codes.

There are several web sites which offer car rental discount-codes as well as sites which list the discount codes for members of discount programs and some companies. For instance, the Automobile Association of America grants its members discount codes for Avis, Budget, Hertz and Thrifty. These usually go together with discount coupons to give the member from 10 percent to as high as 50 percent discount for weekends.

Other associations who offer car rental doscounts to their members are the American Association of School Administrators. You can find a listing of these associations on the internet at best-car-rental-tips.com/discount-codes.html. The listing is from A to Z. So if you are not a member of any group that gives car discount-codes, scan the listing above and don’t waste time to register with one of those associations.

You can also check out the list above to see if you are already a member of a code-providing association but don’t know it. It happens. I had a friend who didn’t know for one whole year.

That list is always changing. Just because a car rental company is unlisted doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t give car rental codes. All rental companies need to be competitive; it follows that all rental companies give them. So if you are renting the car on your own, ask the car rental people if they have them for any companies or associations that you are a member of.

There is a book which contains car rental codes for rental companies across the USA and Canada. It is called the Entertainment Book and you can avail of it almost anywhere.

A number of car rental companies offer them for the self-employed and those with small businesses. If you fall in either of these categories, you should inquire from the personnel of the car rental whether you can avail of discount codes from them. Whatever the case, if you are renting a car, make it a very big point to ASK the personnel for any incentive offers they have for their promos. Most of these outfits allow their personnel to give you their codes.

To give you an idea of the kind of money you will be saving by using them, take a look at some of the programs from rental web sites.

Other discounts are determined by special events and seasons. Since there is always something special happening nearly every day, the next time you go looking to rent a car, before everything else, ask the people there for any and all discount offerings they have. As I said, all these off’s on the rental price make renting a car a practical short term alternative to owning one.



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