Business Paper
3 Part Project with the first 2 parts already completed and attached below.(Please look over attached files to understand what subject matter is in reference to. Need
this 3rd part done on this specific Dream Job chosen.
JOB: General Manager of Private Security Company
Develop a selection and training plan for the dream job
* What types of pre-employment testing you will use and why
* Thoroughly cover the selection decision: techniques, reliability and validity, legal matters, etc.
* Discuss EEO
* Include how you will interview
* 5 questions you will ask in the interview relating to your dream job
* 10 questions you cannot ask in an interview and the correct format to ask a potential candidate [if any]
* Outline the new employee training that you will require and why. MUST include details of employee training as it relates to YOUR dream job!
Details also located in content area (minimum 3 pages!!).
This must be written up as a business report…therefore, you are typing up an actual paper, NOT a document.


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