Corporate Finance
BFC1001: Foundations of Finance
Group Assignment 2: Update of Assessment Information
Due in by 3pm Wed, 5 Oct 2016, Week 10
1500 words with a 10% allowance. TABLE of contents, references, executive summary and cover pages are not included.
Referencing: Apa
Structure: Any business report style stipulated in the Q Manual
Version 2 (for students who do not have a Australia superannuation account)
This version of the assignment would apply if you do not have any superannuation account, relating mainly to international students and domestic students not engaged in full or part time work.
������� You are required to write a report on Australian superannuation industry.
������� The introduction should contain an overview of the industry (objective, size, SCALE,
������� Then you are to pick one superannuation fund and provide detail description of that fund.
������� Then, take the role of the superannuation fund manager.
������� Explain how you would allocate $100,000 of capital between asset classes (e.g. shares,
bonds, property) and the specific assets (individual investments in each asset class)
������� Justify your investment decision.


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