bag and pipe” training game
Create a fun “bag and pipe” training game. It should display a game facsimile of a bag that when clicked on changes to a bigger bag as though it had been filled with air. The bag should have a musical pipe of some kind with at least three holes attached to it. When the user clicks on a hole on the pipe a sound is played. A maximum of seven notes may be played before the bag deflates and is unable to pass enough air through the pipe to produce a note. As soon as the user clicks the deflated bag it changes back to the bigger bag and can again produce a maximum of seven notes. If ever the use clicks on a note while the bag is empty then the user loses and some “game over” picture should be displayed. A count of how many notes the user has played should also be constantly displayed somewhere on the screen. Enjoy!
this is the instruction and it is on jcreator


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