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Preview of Research Paper Assignment/Requirements
Your Research Paper: Due Week 8 Read Carefully!
Finish Revising Essay 2 by this week and submit it.
Now that you have selected a topic and have written your own analysis and exploration of a focused aspect of that topic, in essence, you have your Research Paper ���without the secondary research���. This way, you avoid, ���source anxiety��� , that awful swooning sense you get when you read the expert articles and think ���you���ve got to be kidding! How can I say anything more or better than what they say!?��� Gasp.
Okay so now comes the time to dig into the Library Resources I set up for you last week, and especially the Library Guide. After reading R1 and R2 in the Writer���s Reference, go in there and begin to explore the Datatbases like AcademicOneFile and JSTOR. These databases are the avenues to finding the 5 sources you will need for your research. You will be looking for ���scholarly or peer-reviewed articles��� on your topic. These are articles from scholarly/academic journals written by professors like me who have Ph.D.s or other advanced degrees in a special field. I want you to have at least 2 of these in your References page and integrated into your paper as direct quotations or summaries.
You must submit ONE copy of a scholarly article retrieved from an academic database by the end of the week.
Research Paper: General Directions:
Continue researching the topic you chose for paper 2, searching for more sources (the background sources you chose for preliminary study can serve you, so don���t forget to write down the bibliographic info on those while ���the iron is hot���), screening sources for appropriateness and level of reliability (see R1 and 2), summarizing those than seem good, and incorporating them into the paper.
Expand your present thesis as you learn more on your topic. Look at WA for ways to incorporate your sources and put them into ���conversation��� with one another. Be sure not to quote or summarize without pointing out to the reader why in fact this information is relevant to what you are trying to say in your paragraph or paper.
Format: You will be using the APA Citation format for this research. You will need to know how to create a Reference page at the end of your paper, and then how to cite quoted and summarized material in the body of the paper. This is known as ���in-text citations��� or ���parenthetical citations���.
Sources: you must include at least 5 sources, primarily articles or websites or online articles. No books required. 2 of those sources MUST BE SCHOLARLY ARTICLES retrieved from the databases at Barry. The other 3 can be government sites, organization sites, articles from reliable websites, trade magazines, professional journals, or newspapers. Many of you have already found good sources doing your background work for Essay 2. You can use these if they are ���reliable���. Again, R1 and R2 will define this for you.
Length: 5-7 pages (not including Reference page)


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