Write a 3-4 page reflection paper in which you answer all of the following questions. These are turned in according to the schedule below.
To start, you will want to review the issues and concepts you are learning throughout the course and reference them as needed to answer the questions. The questions will require you to think about the way you communicate in real life with friends and family, and to think back on situations where communication issues were important.

1. What culture do you indentify most with? What communication traits do you possess that exemplify your culture? Who do you believe gave you those communication traits? Write detailed answers, referring to incidents and facts from your life.

2. Analyze your own listening effectiveness. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses in terms of what you are learning in this course about effective informational listening and effective relational listening. Identify two listening skills you would like to improve and describe how You plan to develop greater competence in each.

3. Describe three pieces of clothing or body adornments you have, including electronic devices. What do you try to portray/communicate with each of these things when you wear them? Has anyone else commented on them? Explain or describe relevant experiences.

4. Using the six stages of relational development you are learning, pick a relationship (friend, or romantic partner) and describe how you went through the stages. Give examples of how you portrayed typical actions in each of the stages.

5. Describe a situation in which you had a conflict with a close friend or romantic partner and you managed to work it out constructively. Analyze what happened by discussing how your behavior and your partner’s followed or violated principles for effective conflict management.


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